Sri Raghavendra Granthalaya


The Raghavendra Granthalaya to be set up should therefore serve as a model to reflect the exaltation of our ancient writings and accord with that concept the building too should be constructed aesthetically with panels containing inscriptions of scriptural messages that should reach masses.

Spread knowledge

The mission of propagating the ancient scriptures (in the footsteps of Sri Madhawa), was bestowed on Sri Raghavendra by Sri Saraswathi devi herself, when she personally appeared before him and made him to accept Sanyasa ashrama and abide by her divine guidance. Among the latent powers of Sri Raghavendra, “Grantha Shakthi”.

Guru Bakthi

Out of many millions of wandering living entities, one who is very fortunate gets an opportunity to associate with a Guru (Sri Raghavendra) by the grace of Lord Krishna. By the mercy of both Krishna and Guru, such a person receives the seed of the creeper of devotional service.


Guru Conscious and God Conscious Through Books and Devotional Service.

Sri Raghavendra Granthalaya is intended to spread the glory and power of our ancient scriptures and granthas that propagate the ideal way of divine worship and to that and the consecration of a temple, establishment of a dhyana mantapa. A Gurukula, Veda Patasala, old age home, annadhana hall, a library, press centre, lodging places etc., form part of the scheme. Further, helping the needy ones to prosecute their studies, as also to develop their artistic talents and above all uplifting the economic status of the have-nots in addition honouring scholars, publishing books, releasing audio/video, CDs and production of documentary film, constitute the other socially oriented welfare schemes of the Granthalaya. We request everyone to take part in this worthy effort by being a tool to this scheme, thereby reaping rich benefits and the punya to accrue in consequence simultaneously earning also the grace of Sri Hari Vaayu Guru. All the glory will go to Sri Guru Raghavendra.

  • 9-Feb-2017

The Team

Heart and Soul of this Project

Sri Guru Raghavendra

Guru Sri Raghavendra is the reason behind this Project, who provides all the needed resources, energy, motivation, blessings and also being Purpose.

Amman Sathiyanathan

Founder & Secretary
Amman Sathiyanthan, is living example for the Words of Napoleon Hill. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. In September 2007, in Malaysia, he constructed Granthalaya in his Mind, less than 10 years, he materialized it.

Sooryodhaya Developers

Land Donor
Magnanimous gesture have donated an acre of land for this gigantic project undoubtedly ascribable to the merits or punya earned by the directors of that entity, surging out of the good deeds of their earlier births.

Donors | Bakthas | Vendors

It is unconditional love or devotion towards our Guru Sri Raghavendra, that has created this Synergy and brought people working together, in making this Project an Epic for future.

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